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Most reputable clubs such as Tennis World Lane Cove give many opportunities for their members to play various types of the game. In this article we explore the popular world of Fast 4 Tennis that seems to be growing all across Australia.

If your club does not happen to have a Fast 4 Tennis League then simply ask if you can organise one for other like minded members.

What is Fast 4 Tennis?

Fast 4 Tennis is a tennis format, initiated by Tennis Australia, which is a faster match, has fewer sets and varied rules than the traditional form of tennis.

It is a bit like cricket’s 20/20, designed to speed up the game and add more excitement to both the player and spectator.

Fast 4 Scoring

To win a singles match in Fast 4 format, a player must win the best of three sets. Sets are determined on a fist-to-four-games basis, unlike the normal six games.

Tiebreakers are also reduced in length, with the first to five points and a sudden death Power Point kicking in at four points all.

Doubles matches are played on a best-of-two sets basis. Sets are to four games and tie break rules as the same as singles.

If scores are level at the end of the second set, a first-to-ten-points match tie breaker is played.

The receiver elects which service side he/she prefers when the score is deuce, there are no advantage points. This applies to both singles and doubles.

If the ball strikes the net cord and lands within the service lines, play continues as it would during a normal rally. There are no lets.

In doubles, the non-receiver is permitted to return the serve if the ball strikes the net cord and falls in.

Players must be ready within 60 seconds of the change of ends and 90 seconds between sets. Players cannot sit down at the change of ends but may do so, briefly, between sets.

Tie Breakers

The first player whose turn it is to start the tiebreaker (Player A) will serve two points. The opposing player (Player B) will then serve two points.

Player A (or team mate of Player A in doubles) will then serve two points. Player B (or team mate of player B) will then serve the following two points.

If the score remains level at 4-4, Player B (of his team mate) will serve the final point of the tiebreak with Player A choosing which side the ball will be served.

Players will change ends only after the first four points have been played.

Fast 4 Tennis is fun and a fast way to make friends. In this modern day of long work hours and busy schedules time can often be a factor taking exercise or enjoying brief leisure activities. Fast 4 Tennis is one way you can still get a game of tennis in after work.

Tennis World Lane Cove offer many competitions and if Fast 4 Tennis is requested by members and becomes popular they will have no hesitation adding this form of tennis to their rosta.