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Even if you regularly practice and have sessions with your coach often, sometimes it is good to have a third party or a fresh pair of eyes look at your game.

Plus there are many internet sites with a list of ex-pro’s and coaches offering tips and shortcuts for your tennis game. You must however, take this information with a pinch of salt, tennis tips will not transform your game, only focused work will do that.

This blog provides four tennis tips that can be used to augment the rest of your training regime and should not be taken in isolation, but can be included in your routines.

Groundstroke Tips

In order to hit great groundstrokes you have to realise that you need to lift the ball up over the net. By lifting the ball this means by the the entire arm from low to high. It really does not matter what grounshot you are playing; a forehand, one-handed backhand, or a two handed backhand the physics involved are the same.

It is common to swing too horizontally on a too straight line and not enough from low to high. This results in lots of balls landing in the net. The reason players do this is because they see their target through the net on a downward sloping line, so the tendency is to swing that way.

Balance is a vitally important aspect to every groundstroke. Ideally you want your upper body to remain rather straight, your head very still, and then you rotate around the axis which does not move.

When regularly happens is that players are running around a moving whilst trying to hit their shots. A big mistake is to move the body back to the middle while hitting, before the shot has finished.

To avoid this you should practice hitting and finishing on balance. So hit your shot as you are balanced for a second.


Strategy Tips

In general all matches are won by the players who makes the least unforced errors. There are three possible mistakes you can make on court. Hitting deep, hitting wide, and putting it into the net.

The worst of these crimes is putting it into the net, which normally has a lot to do with depth. The second worst is a shot that goes wide. The least mistake to worry about that are the ones that go long. Good players realise this and rarely hit into the net or go wide.

If you stay focused on clearing the net and staying away from the sidelines you will improve your game greatly.

The number one priority for your return of serve is to land the ball in court, although this is a difficult shot you should practice hard how to return a serve. The ball is coming at you at a very different angle than normal groundstrokes and you don’t hit many returns in a row to get into a rhythm.

A common mistake is to take a big swing at the ball trying to hit incredible winners. You might achieve 1 out of 5 of these, therefore it is extremely important to set yourself a goal to get the ball in play at all costs, this is your priority.