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Most international sports are growing at a phenomenal rate and the pressures to get our children to participate in a chosen path is getting greater and greater.

However, there are major considerations to bear in mind for the welfare of their health and well being.

A major area for concern is that children get caught up so much in progressing their sporting careers that their education suffers as a consequence.

Tennis Australia recognises the importance of education and does not in any way encourage the early departure of children from the education system.

Accordingly, Tennis Australia has implemented a policy that reflects the importance of education in a child’s development.

Tennis Australia’s Education Policy

All junior players attending the National Academy or Australian Institute of Sport must be participating in schooling,as recognised by the education department in their respective state.

Following the completion of Year 10, junior players under the age of 18 are expected to pursue further education. Players not wishing to participate in full-time Year 11 or Year 12 studies, but who wish to be eligible for assistance from Tennis Australia, must be either:

In the case of exceptional circumstances,players may apply to the Tennis Australia Athlete Development Manager for exemption from this policy.

Subject Selection

All players are expected to study a minimum number of subjects at the following year levels:

Completion Of Schoolwork

Players are expected to meet all deadlines. If a player falls three weeks behind without a valid reason he/she will receive written notification to have all outstanding work completed by the following week.

If the outstanding work is still not completed, then the player will receive further written notification to attend a meeting to review their scholarship.

Education Requirements While On Tour

While on tour players are expected to:

Tennis And University

Another option for players is to apply for a scholarship at a university in the United States. Here players can further both their education and their tennis.

Obviously such strict rules and regulations are for the benefit of the tennis student, anything could happen in the future and it is of the utmost importance scholars finish their education.

Perhaps after they finish their playing careers and intend to break out into coaching, to enable this they must have an all round basic education.

Good tennis clubs like Tennis World Lane Cove can help in children’s coaching and give education advice.