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Many people take their tennis very seriously, even when playing socially. Perhaps it is the natural competitive instinct in all of us. But occasionally it is good to step back and just look at the game of tennis, and realise that it is only a game after all.

The Demands Of Tennis

Tennis places different types of demands on a player than other less complicated sports.

Without facing an opponent:-

Facing an opponent:-

These skills challenges are just that, skills. Similar to playing other sports or even video games for that matter. But it is easy to become obsessed with tennis and treat it as the most important thing in life.

Other Considerations

Is the time, money and energy you spend on tennis really worth it? To become above average social player? Are there more important things in life that should come first?

For instance your personal relationship with your spouse, your job, your parental relationship, your social life outside tennis, taking care of your health.

Do these things in reality compare to a game of tennis in the grand scheme of things. The correct answer in of course No…..but,

Can Tennis Be Perceived As A Training Ground For Life

While you are trying to perfect your game, you may uncover many weaknesses in your character and attitude toward yourself, toward tennis, toward others and toward life.

By playing you tend to eliminate these weaknesses and grow as a person learning many things about life that work or don’t.

Important Things You Can Learn From Tennis

Approach situations with fear and doubt rarely brings positive results
Understanding the value of effort, time and patience
Minutely analysing something is not as good as gut instinct
Repetition is the mother of skill
Emotions hurst performance
Learn to channel emotions

Fear is your worst enemy regardless of whatever you are trying to achieve in life, and tennis is a precise feedback game that there is no place for fear. The sooner you confront your fears the sooner your courage will come to the surface.
Even if you are a member of a top tennis club such as Tennis World Lane Cove, the vast majority of the membership have joined purely to play social tennis, to keep fit and enjoy their favourite game. Of course there may be one or two of the more gifted younger players that have eyes on a higher prize.