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Staying fit is far easier if your mind is engaged when you are exercising and playing sports is one of the excellent ways to achieve this.

When it comes to calories, it is quite a simple equation. Burn more calories that you can consume and you will lose weight. In this hectic modern world it is difficult enough to find the time to exercise let alone have fun whilst you are doing it.

One way you can enjoy exercise and keep fit is playing tennis or by taking up Fitbit Cardio Tennis.


Clear Health Benefits

In a hour session of Fitbit Cardio Tennis it is possible to burn up 800 calories if you are male and 500 if you are female.

Apart from the obvious health benefits the session will also improve your tennis and give you better hand-eye coordination and skills.

The best thing about Fitbit Cardio Tennis is that you do not need to be an ace player or for that matter even played the game before. The use of special low compression balls make it easy especially for novices, the ball travels slower making it easier to hit.


Getting Started

To get kitted out for your first Cardio Tennis lesson is relatively easy and cheap. You will need; tennis racket, sports attire, proper footwear and a water bottle.

On your initial lesson the coach will take personal details and perhaps weigh you and take your blood pressure. He will then explain how the session will work so you fully understand your involvement.

Up to ten people will join your class, normally sorted by age and ability. Then a fun but high-energy workout will ensue paying particular attention to constant movement all based on the game of tennis.

There will normally be a ten to fifteen minute warm-up followed by a serious cardio segment and then a proper fifteen minute cool-down.

Normally the workout will be done accompanied by upbeat music and heart-rate monitors will check your fitness throughout. Fitbit Cardio is a tennis-based workout like no other.


Coaching the Workout

Your coach will continually rotate the activities and involve many different props and equipments to keep your session fresh and interesting.

There are many different activities that can be undertaken in Fitbit Cardio Tennis and as the fitness pastime is growing more and more activities are being added.

In Australia nearly all Tennis Clubs will offer a version of Fitbit Cardio Tennis as part of their overall coaching program.

Fitbit Cardio Tennis has been proved to be a success on many levels. It is not disputable that it increases fitness levels from the first session but it also increases tennis skills and techniques.

Perhaps the best thing about this type of activity apart from all the benefits already mentioned is that it is extremely good fun.

This brings us back to the original premise that it is much easier to keep fit and lose weight whilst your mind is distracted. Having fun is perhaps the best way there is to achieve this.

To start receiving the benefits of cardio tennis, contact our friendly team today!

No matter what level you are, we will be happy to provide the right program to help improve both your tennis and overall fitness levels.