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Who are the best people to take tennis advice from? Simple really the top coaches. Every good club has tennis pro’s that are available to help you develop your game, and Tennis World Lane Cove are no exception.

The following is a mix of top tips that were given to many of the best former Australian players by their favourite tennis coaches.

Turn Weaknesses Into Strengths

When Pat Cash was a junior player he relays that he could hardly smash at all, he coach was very patient and they set about to iron out this basic weakness.

In years to come, Pat Cash was renown as being one of the best smashers of the ball on the professional tour. A golden tip he received was the urgency required to get back quickly and keep the ball in front of him. This is crucial, especially in Australian conditions with the sun in your eyes and the wind blowing the ball around.

Be The Best You Can Be

Pat Rafter cites a lesson he learnt from his brother Geoff, who said, “As a person and a player, the measure of success is not rankings or Grand Slam titles but whether you have got the most out of yourself to be the best possible player you can be.”

Less is More

The great Margaret Court passed on some great advice to a 16 year old Dianne Balestrat, “Dianne, don’t leave all your best tennis out on the practice court.”

Dianne did not trust herself or have the confidence to relax her training schedule before a big event, consequently she often burnt herself out before she had even set foot on the court.

The Feel Good Factor

Josh Eagle who was world number 11 doubles player in 2001, said his coach advised him to make the most of his time on tour while he could. Citing the old adage, to play hard but enjoy time with his mates also.

Today he always encourages the young players to get out, enjoy restaurants or do something fun as tour life does not last forever. Happy players off the court tend to play better on the court.

When Nobody Else Is Watching

Shannon Nettle the former ATP player, said that her brother once imparted some advice that has remained with her for life. “Character is what you do when nobody’s watching”

She defined the quote, that although he was not speaking about tennis, like many of life’s lessons they also hold you in good stead on the tennis court.

We have so many opportunities on a daily basis to improve the way we conduct ourselves, treat others, treat ourselves, chose what to value, and apply ourselves to daily tasks. Never waste an opportunity to develop these areas of your life because when it comes to adversity, whether it is on the tennis court or in life itself, strength of character is your greatest ally.