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For those people who love the game of tennis and enjoy keeping fit, then the new addition of Cardio Tennis as a way to do this has been embraced across the world and especially in Australia.

Cardio Tennis is an excellent way of keeping fit and also to develop your tennis skills.

Cardio Tennis includes a variety of activities to keep the interest and fun of the exercise fun.



This is a pure tennis based activity, and it is devised to give better court awareness where play changes from singles to doubles after each point.

Basically you play a ball down the line against your opponent and start a rally, your partner will also do the same.

Once one player makes a mistake then the coach shouts Live and the remaining ball in play then starts a doubles point.


Spanish Drill

A version of this activity is used to teach professionals in Spain to develop their technique.

This activity is a pure calorie burner and uses explosive energy including sprinting and chasing in a figure eight formation whilst alternating forehands and backhands from either side of the court.

The fitness rating of this activity is high whilst the fun aspect is moderate.


Turn and Burn

A really fun activity which will also burn tons of calories, this activity uses four players with two on either side of the net.

Your partner and you take turns racing across the court to receive a lob whilst your opponents wait to return.

When the point is won then the victors get the change either to remain or change to be the resting pair. The losers have to go back to the burn line.



A really stimulating game posing three players a side against each other.

It could be called volleyball as the three players are positioned in a diamond formation facing each other on opposite ends of the court.

The players rotate after each point so each player gets the opportunity to develop all the different techniques needed for a game of tennis.


Z Ball

A cardio based activity where a doubles game is the basis. Two points are played for and after the first one you and your partner change sides.

After two points the pairing run across to the other side of the court ready to repeat another two points.


Desperate Housewives

Yet another cardio based activity, it is a combination of high energy sprinting and exciting point play at the net.

The game is started with you and your partner who are positioned at the net, you will then both have to sprint to the base line to retrieve a lob. And then play out a normal point against your opposition.

The losers have to take the position at the net for the next point.

All these activities aid your overall tennis technique whilst boosting your fitness and aiding weight loss.

Cardio Tennis is a perfect way to bring fun into your fitness regime and to develop the muscles that are required in playing the game.

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